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---- Rake Art in Cannon Beach, Oregon ----

Cannon Beach Rake Art

Made one morning just down the beach from Haystack Rock.

I enjoyed the way the waves would hit the rock and ripple away in a circle that matched the design.


---- Rake Art in Cannon Beach, Oregon ----

Rake Artist on the Beach

Here's what it looked like from ground level.

The rake artist standing at the edge of the circle..



---- Rake Art on Newquay Beach / Cornwall, England ----

Raked Sand in Newquay, Cornwell, England

Note the onlooker walking by in the top left of the photo.



---- Raked Art in Newquay / Cornwall, England ----

Raked Art on Newquay Beach

Another afternoon on Newquay Beach.

This was crafted by two artists in under two hours

after carving sand sculptures all day on the beach at

Watergate Bay in Cornwall.. Southwest England.


Here's a zoom in of the people in the above shot.




---- Rake Art in Newquay / Cornwall, England ----

Sprial Sand Raked Art

Made by one rake artist in under two hours..


Here's a couple walking through The Spiral..



---- Rake Art Corporate Logo in Oregon ----


DeVere Art's logo of a dog's brow and ears.

Crafted right next to Haystack Rock...

Cannon Beach Haystack






We travel the globe creating sand artworks.

Indoors or outdoors...

Wherever there is sand [or wherever we can put some sand]


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